• This book is about the spiritual journey of an enthusiastic Physical Education student. It spans 26 years of intensive Yoga studies with Swami Kamala Mata Aranya, an English woman who had met her own spiritual Master when she was only five years old in India. Esoteric wisdom from the Vedas culminated in her initiation into the “silent” and ancient Aranya Order in 1995. Swami Chitinanda was driven by her thirst for knowledge of the Divine. Her story began in childhood in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. The spiritual quest took her to the ashram in the north of the state to Somerset, Burnie. Swami Chiti Ananda experienced ashram life, often getting herself into trouble as she longed to “become an authentic version of her Self”. Shipping & Handling: Australia: $5 per copy International: $10 per copy
  • Sacred Space is my humble offering in response to the question I am asked so often by my students, “How do I go about learning to meditate?” The series of clear simple instructions I have set out will help them and others to rediscover the peaceful space within all of us. Shipping & Handling: Australia: $5 per copy International: $10 per copy
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